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Slope Cyber

Description of the game

Slope Cyber is an endless slope game in the cyber game genre. You have to control a slope ball in the cyber city. The balls moves and you have to have excellent reflexes to control it.

The longer distance the gamer is running, the more crystals he can collect. With every level, the speed is getting higher. The gamer can control the ball with arrows. Parts of the surfaces will be rotating. Try not to fall. Besides, there are obstacles in the route. Some of them can move. Avoid them, not to crash the ball. There are springboards in the route. They will help the gamer to jump longer.

These obstacles sometimes block your way, you have to pass to the right or left. Sometimes you have to jump over obstacles. Sometimes you have to go through obstacles. It will be fun to dribble through the sloping city while avoiding obstacles. There are 9 different cyber balls in total. You have to watch the city as it falls from the sloping platforms. This big city is waiting for you.

How To Play?

Press A/D or left/right arrow to steer left/right.

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